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On October 23rd, 2003 Skateboard Marketing had their 12th Anniversary CMJ Convention shocase at Don Hills in NYC. August 12th 1991 was the official date the company began. After 10 years of independent radio promotion and street marketing it was brilliant to see all the support received from the entire industry. We had a 2 1/2 hour open bar and plenty of food. Budweiser and Jagermeister sponsored us and sent their girls down to make sure everybody had a drink in their hands. Performing was Metal Blade Records recording artist Beyond The Embrace.



Sirius/XM's Jose Mangin

Gary Susalis of Music Choice & VH1's Dana Bove

Beyond The Embrace W/Heavy Hitter's Dave Vagasky
WFMU's Diane Ferris
Metal Blade Records Jen Graham and Dave V
Munsey, Paul Connroy, Metal Blade's Mike Faley and John Bambino
John Bambino & Julie
Vinny, Dime and Munsey
Roadrunner Record's Amy Sciarretto
Jon Freeman & Crissy Zagami
Metal Edge's Dov Tetta & Munsey
Victory Record's Mike Jakubow, Munsey & XM's Ward Cleaver
XM's Ward Cleaver & Munsey
Concrete Marketing's Susana Paradise, Andy Freeman & Munsey
Munsey, Ward Cleaver & Beyond The Embrace
Beyond The Embrace
Beyond The Embrace
Beyond The Embrace
Beyond The Embrace
Munsey, Damouse, Kurt and Jason
CMJ's Joanne Green and Bobby Haber W/Munsey Ricci
Welcome To New York City
Atlantic Record's Anthony Delia & Munsey
Dan & Paul from WXCI FM
Don Hill's
Don Hill's
WXIN fm's Patty Pelle



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