Skateboard Marketing Ltd.
14th Anniversary CMJ Convention Showcase
September 15th, 2005
Don Hills, New York

On September 15th, 2005 during the CMJ Convention in New York. Skateboard Marketing Ltd. Hosted their 14th Anniversary industry showcase. It is a yearly tradition celebrated by the metal industry.
The bar was sponsored by Budweiser and Jagermeister. There was an auction for the T.J. Martell Foundation. The stage of this years event was graced by Calvin/Liquid8 Recording artist Fear Factory.
They threw down new material from Transgression as well as old material.

The CMJ Convention is descended upon by all aspects and formats of the music industry. They have for the past 20 years been the starting point for the careers of artists and industry people on all levels.

Burton Bell From Fear Factory Nicky Camp, Munsey Ricci & Don Hill Eric Records Piper Taylor
The Skateboard Marketing Staff with Fear Factory. Pictured left to right are Eric, Richie Burke, Christian of Fear Factory and Munsey Ricci John from Artemis Records (L) and Steve of Dirty Rig & Metal Edge's Dov Tetta
Scott from The Tour Bus on WDHA and Byron from Fear Factory Century Media Records Andrew Sample and Munsey Ricci Burton C. Bell
Burton C. Bell Byron Stroud Christain Olde Wolbers & Raymond Herrera
Raymond from Fear Factory with Jose Mangin, SiriusRadio, Mandy from FMQB and Denise from Chipster Ent Metal Maniacs Liz C and Dave from Earshot PR Munsey and Music Choice's Gary Susalis
Aretemis Records Alli Hearne Bravado International's Felix Sebacious and Ute Linheart with Rachel Marteniez Epic Records Cheryl Valentine with Munsey Ricci
The WSOU FM Staff Eric Bing from WVKC FM John from WTSR (L) and Tim from WCLH (R) with Munsey Ricci
Munsey with Tara Buzzell and Jon Paris from SPV Records Former Skateboard Marketing Staff Dana Bove now with VH-1 Concrete's Jeff Sipler, Munsey and Denise from Chipster Entertainment
Music Choice's Gary Susalis Patty from WXIN and Century Media's Kurt Briggs. Munsey, Andrew Sample Century Media and Tim Yasui and Brian from Cleopatra Records. Jay Stone & patty
Al Stavola from Chipster Entertainment WNHU's Colin Roberts and Munsey Ricci Burton C. Bell

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